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About Us


Khao Boi is an exciting new venture based within the Stand Comedy Club serving up delicious Thai and Southeast Asian inspired street-food to accompany your evening of entertainment.

The name Khao Boi (Khao meaning 'Rice' in Thai) originates from the infamous cowboy painting by T.D. MacGregor that has been the Stand's iconic logo and backdrop for over 20 years. The child depicted in the painting just so happens to be Dave MacGregor - the founder of Khao Boi, when he was just but a wee pup.

Having put his cattle-rustling days in the wild west behind him he's laid down his sheriff's badge in favour of the chef's hat, and with a good few years of travel and culinary creation under his belt, Dave is now solely focused on dishing up fresh, hearty and homely Asian dishes. 

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Where to find us
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You'll find Khao Boi down at the iconic Stand Comedy Club, Edinburgh! serving you kick ass food Mon, Thurs, Fri, sat 7pm to 9.30pm

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